Choir Tours F.A.Q.

Are flights / train tickets included in the tour cost?

No. we cannot include flight costs since we have tour members from different countries. However, we will be glad to assist you in finding the best flight / train for the designated tour.

Can I change / customize the tour itinerary?

If you require changes to the tour itinerary or if you would prefer additional arrangements before / after the tour start / end dates, we will try our best to assist you.

What are the differences between the different participant types?
  • Choir Participant - Participate only in the choir activities (Rehearsals and Choir Concert).
    Not included: Personal activities such as private lessons & recording sessions, participants recital, and external opera / concert events.
  • Full Participant - Participate both choir and personal activities (Rehearsals, Private lessons & recording sessions and Concerts).
    Not included: hotel and external opera / concert events.
What kind of tickets do you provide for the opera & concert performances?

Our tickets are usually high quality seats (1st / 2nd categories). We aim for the best seats available.

However, if only less than top categories (3rd category and above) are available for a concert / opera, the difference between the price of 2nd category and the actual ticket's price will be refunded.

What is the level of your hotels?

All hotels are 4 star properties, highly rated and highly recommended. Breakfast is included in every day of the tour.

What are your payment and cancellation policies?

For detailed information regarding our payment and cancellation policy, please refer to our terms & conditions.