Recording Workshop for Soprano / Alto / Mezzo / Countertenor

at the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche, Berlin

Date: 4.7.2022
Venue: Französische
Friedrichstadtkirche, Berlin

Vocalists (Soprano / Alto / Mezzo / Countertenor) are welcome to participate in our orchestral workshop, to rehearse and record some of the most beautiful arias for voice and chamber orchestra in the repertoire.

Participants may choose up to 2 works from the selection below:

Alt / Mezzo-Soprano / Countertenor:

  • Bach - Erbarme dich from St Matthew Passion
  • Bach - Können Tränen meiner Wangen from St Matthew Passion
  • Bach - Agnus Dei from Mass in B minor
  • Vivaldi - Cum Dederit from Nisi Dominus


  • Bach - Blute nur from St Matthew Passion
  • Handel - Tecum principium from Dixit Dominus
  • Mozart - Laudate Dominum
  • Verdi - Ave Maria from Otello
Participation Fee:

30 minute recording session: 390 €
45 minute recording session: 570 €

The participation fee includes:

  • Private 30 / 45 minute recording session with the Musica Sancta Ensemble under the supervision and guidance of the session's music director.
  • An introductory 30 minute online session with the music director to review and prepare the session.
  • A single professional HD video camera focused on the participant.
  • 6-8 condenser microphones.
  • Audio / Video technician.
  • Post production (mixing, mastering) of the best single take captured in the recording session.
  • Additional cameras are available for an additional cost, but be aware that multi-camera is not permitted for pre-screening auditions / competitions.
  • Additional audio-video editing / mixing service is available for additional cost (not for pre-screening auditions / competitions).
  • The participants are not allowed to record the session with their own equipment.
Payment and Cancellation Terms:

We offer a convenient and risk free payment agreement: A 50% payment is required to confirm your participation in the recording session workshop. The due date of the rest of the payment will be up to 7 days after the recording session's date.

The 50% advance payment is fully refundable 14 days prior to the scheduled recording session. However, if you are not able to attend the workshop within the 14 days before the scheduled recording, you can reschedule to a later date, so the advance payment will remain in your account balance.

Application Form: